Jello Wrestling Party

Jello Wrestling is the Best Way to Turn Up Your Party

Jello Wrestling For Your Next Party You can get a Jello wrestling pool for your Jello wrestling party, or you can get the Jello wrestling supplies that are needed to help you get ready for the party. This means that you will be able to make the party that you are hosting a lot more

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Jello Wrestling Games

Jello Wrestling Game: 3 Second Pin Rule There are many exciting and unique rules when it comes to jello wrestling games. The most common rule is the ‘3 Second Pin Rule’, in which contestants begin each round on opposite sides of the pool. When the designated referee signals to begin, both contestants attempt to pin

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Backyard Jello Wrestling

How to make a Jello Pool

We take a strict “more fun” policy on our products. This of course meaning less hassle, less clean up, and more fun! No longer does jello wrestling need to be such a pain to prepare for. Whereas before it took multiple hours boiling water and deciding what to throw out so you can refrigerate it

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just add salt

FunJell Disposal

The party is over. It was a resounding success. Now however, you have to clean everything up. How do you dispose of the FunJell? We DO NOT suggest just dumping the pool over and let your lawn have it. It will not hurt the plants on a chemical level but the jello wrestling jello will

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Jello Underground

We are proud to have partnered with the lovely ladies of Jello Underground to help bring you the West Coast’s wildest Jello Wrestling event! Founded in 2009, Jello Underground is a unique and powerful theatrical showcase. A backroom spectacle featuring a diverse, badass roster of women vying for the championship title. This is the world

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Bulk Jello

Your jello wrestling party is already themed to be wet wild fun in the sun! Theres nothing fun about diving into a kiddy pool barely full of jello. Your brave contenders are  looking for a slip and slide good time so you might think you need to buy bulk jello to fill that pool up. Now

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