Bulk Jello

Your jello wrestling party is already themed to be wet wild fun in the sun! Theres nothing fun about diving into a kiddy pool barely full of jello. Your brave contenders are  looking for a slip and slide good time so you might think you need to buy bulk jello to fill that pool up. Now you dont!

Our specially formulated jello crystals give the maximum jello for minimal investment. Bulk jello is needed to fill the wrestling ring up and cushion competitors from each others savagery. At least some of your brave guests have seen a real wrestling match and may want to show off some risky moves. When the bulk jello is deep in your jello pool, you can really let go and let them have it. The soft, squishy bulk jello will cover everything and make all contact cushioned, silly and most importantly safe!

One 5 pound bag of Fun Jell crystals makes 100 gallons of wrestling jello! That's bulk jello sufficient to fill your small pool to party proportions. Party goers will line up to get into the goo! So make your next backyard bash a hit and pick up some Fun Jell bulk jello today!