Don’t Use Just any Jello for Jello Wrestling

Get Jello Wrestling at Your Next Event

Is your future party or event ready for some jello? Jello Wrestling might be just what your party needs to kick it up a notch. Jello Wrestling can make the perfect addition to your next big event. Some popular events may include bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, family picnics and reunions, the famous college parties, and fundraisers. If you are considering adding Jello Wrestling to your event, it is important to know that you are going to need a special kind of jello vs the store bought edible Jello. Finding the correct and affordable Jello Wrestling Supplies can be tricky until now. We recommend Jello Wrestling – FUN JELL this is the best for bang for your buck. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Getting the correct supplies and following some safety rules will be essential to the success of your Jello Wrestling event.

What is Jello Wrestling?

Jello Wrestling is a fun and safe way for your party goers to wrestle with each other while battling the jello elements. It is becoming a popular past time for non-professional wrestling enthusiast. But better yet it is becoming a great way for colleges, and non-profits to raise funds by holding Jello Wrestling competitions. While many love to participate many people love to just watch. Spectators buy tickets for the event and the ticket revenues help raise fund for a good

Jello Wrestling Supplies

The best part of Jell-O Wrestling is that they provide the most competitive prices and money back guarantee. The supplies needed are going to be a pool, the special jello mixture, and tap water, and some brave and fierce competitors. The special nontoxic jello mixture makes it easy to make the jello in seconds and clean up super easy. To calculate how many packets, you are going to need Jello Wrestling has a calculator.
How to make Jello for Jello wrestling
So you may be wondering why not just buy Jello from the grocery store. Overall the store bought jello cost more, requires more time, results are not guaranteed, cleanup is messy.

  1.  The Cost
    a. Store bought Jell-O will be more expensive due to the amount of Jello packets will it take to make the desired amount vs Jello Wrestling’s mixture a 5 lb. bag of Fun-Jell makes 100 gallons. The recommended amount for an adult event is at-least 2 Bags.
    b. Time is money. The time it will take to prepare the store bought Jello vs the time it will take to mix the Fun Jell with tap water is the reason why you should just go with the should just go with the Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture. Store bought jello will require the heating of water before mixing in the store bought jello. Then it will require the cooling in a refrigerator so that it can harden. With Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture all you need to do is add the mixture to the tap water filled pool and mix it.
    c. Add the heating and cooling of the store bought jello and you have a better value in Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture.
  2.  Results
    a. Store bought Jello will begin to lose it jello texture as soon as it becomes in contact with higher temperature creating a sticky mess vs Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture that keeps its jello texture even when introduced to the warmer temperatures.
    b. Store bought jello has the potential to damage clothing or skin by staining due to it food coloring ingredients.
  3.  Clean Up
    a. Store bought jello will be leaving behind a very sticky mess that might attract ants or be hard to clean out of the pool, it is guaranteed to leave a residue.
    b. Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture is not going to kill your grass so it is safe to dump into your lawn. After adding salt, it will become water substance making clean a breeze. The best part is that it is safe for the environment.
  4.  Guarantee
    a. With the store bought jello there is no guarantee that your wrestling pool will be a success vs Jello Wrestling guarantees the Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture or there is 100% refund of your money
  5.  Safety
    a. One of the biggest concern of a product is its safety. Jello Wrestling’s Fun-Jell mixture is safe to eat but not recommended. It is not toxic and does not harm the environment after disposal
    Jello Wrestling Rules

Here are some of the recommended rules and regulations for Jello Wrestling to help optimize the fun and help prevent injury.
1. Participants should not wear shoes
2. Depending on pool size there should be a limit to how many people can participate in one round
3. Before starting the match make sure that the contestants understand that there should not be pulling of hair, head-butting, gouging, choking, kneeling or the contestants will get disqualified.
4. Referee should make sure to stop the match if they hear contestants requesting to stop or notices contestant goes unconscious
5. The referees should be ready to disqualify any contestant that displays bad behavior or any type misconduct.

If you are determined to have Jello Wrestling at your next big event, you should visit for more information on How to make jello for jello wrestling and to order your supplies. Here you will also find pricing and flavor options. Keeping some of the jello wrestling rules in mind can help ensure that everyone has fun and can help prevent injury. Are you ready to Jello Wrestle? Don’t wait start planning your Jello Wrestling event today!