Jello Wrestling Pool 
Ring Setup
Jello Wrestling
Rules & Regulations
Are you planning to have the ultimate jello wrestling event or party and you want a wrestling ring that is larger than your average kiddie pool or you just can't locate one?
You can easily build a jello wrestling ring with these simple instructions.
What you will need:
14 Bags of mulch
A waterproof tarp 15 x 24

Place 4 bags of unopened mulch on each side and 3 bags of unopened mulch across the top & bottom forming a rectangle.

Put the tarp over the bags of mulch and pour the fun jell into the center.

You Have Now Created a Jello Wrestling Pool / Ring.
  •  Try to match people who are about the same size (height and weight).
  •  No shoes (you risk tearing the pool if contestants wear them).
  •  Depending on the size of the pool, figure out how many people can wrestle safely together.
  •  Be nice or get disqualified, no pulling of hair, head butting, gouging, choking, kneeing etc.
  •  If an opponent says "stop", taps out of the match or goes limp the match is immediately over.
  •  The referees always have the final say. 
  •  This includes ejecting participants for any misconduct.
To make your jello wrestling run smoothly, we suggest that each match consists of 3 rounds which can range from 30 seconds to a minute. When 1 of the contestants pins their opponent twice, they will be determined the winner. 

Matches will end when time runs out, a contestant is pinned down, taps out or is disqualified.

To start a match, the contestants much be in their designated starting area of the ring. The match begins once each wrestler has given the okay to the referee and he has signaled the match to begin.

At the end of the match, the referee must announce the winner. If the match is concluded a tie by the referee (no pins), it will be up to the audience to decide who shall win. The contestant with the most support gets the win.

The party is over. 
It was a resounding success… 
Now, however, you have to clean everything up!
How do you dispose of the FunJell? 
Just add salt water!
This should work for most Jello Wrestling products as the main binding ingredient is a non toxic polymer. We suggest 10 pounds of salt for every 100 gallons of FunJell. Brackish or sea water is ideal as it's perfectly premixed and pH balanced by Mother Nature. So toss in your salt and your water and start mixing again. It should only take a few minutes after mixing salt water with the wrestling Jello and the overall mixture should be much more liquid. Proceed with dumping the pool out at that point. Hose the dumped mixture again to make sure its not covering and suffocating your turf, and that's it! 
FunJell is non-toxic so it won't do any damage to your lawn or landscape if it hits the turf.
We DO NOT recommend dumping the pool over and let your lawn have it. 
It will not hurt the plants on a chemical level, but FunJell will cover the grass in that area and suffocate it! 
No one wants a big dead patch on their lawn so pay attention to the secret of FunJell disposal.
The Original Jello Wrestling Product