Jello Calculator

How much Jello do I need to fill a pool for jello wrestling?

Jello wrestling is a fun filled activity that does not require a lot of hard work or setup to enjoy.  All jello wrestling demands is that you have plenty of jello, a close quarters "arena" and well meaning wrestling buddies. To take the math out of the equation (because who has time for that) is proud to feature a Jello and Mud Calculator! Simply type in the dimesions of your pool and viola! the Jello Calculator will tell you exactly how much Fun Jell you need to take the party up a notch. #ProTip: One 5 lb bag of FunJell makes 100 gallons of jello wrestling jello, which is just enough FunJell for one standard kiddy pool. Buy 2 ;p ! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LAUNCH THE JELLO CALCULATOR!