Jello Underground

We are proud to have partnered with the lovely ladies of Jello Underground to help bring you the West Coast's wildest Jello Wrestling event! Founded in 2009, Jello Underground is a unique and powerful theatrical showcase. A backroom spectacle featuring a diverse, badass roster of women vying for the championship title. This is the world of underground jello wrestling!

Feminism is the liberation of women. Too often people have preconceived perceptions of our show, and that's sad. Because we are a female-produced event, with a cast of many beautiful, intelligent and strong women. We understand that the concept of jello wrestling was born in misogyny, but that doesn't mean that it can't be reborn. Women have reclaimed so many things in society, and made so many contributions. Just because we feature women fighting in a pool of jello, does not mean that they are being exploited. They've chosen to be there, because it's exciting and fun. Some may argue that the presentation is too sexualized, to which our response is that these women have full control over their bodies, their personas, what they wear, and how they act. Nothing about our show is fake, these women genuinely enjoy the competition, the comradery, the experience, and the diverse crowds cheering them on. Nothing is black and white, so anyone looking to judge or shame, get a fucking clue. Celebrate freedom, audacity, and overall, feminism. Because even jello wrestling can be a catalyst for feminist pride, whether you want to admit it or not.

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On August 26th Jello Underground will hold it's next event at Evolv Fitness Seattle! Artful Dodger Tattoo & Comics presents Jello Underground on August 26th in South Lake Union. Wrestlers return to Evolve Underground for a fight to the title at the only female-produced jello wrestling show in the world. One night only, tickets available at