How to Make Enough Jello for Jello Wrestling


Jello Wrestling is a fun activity that all types of people young and old can enjoy. While it has had a bit of a reputation for being associated with certain types of establishments, the truth is that it is becoming more and more popular on a regular basis. More people are discovering this activity and taking advantage of it as a way to pass the time at parties. There is one issue that many people do need to think about when it comes to Jello wrestling and that is how much Jello will it take to fill a pool for Jello wrestling? This is a calculation that will take a bit of experience for you to understand fully. The good news is that there are a lot of online calculators that will help you to know the ins and outs of what you will need and how much of it you will need in order to fill your pool.

Calculating the Amount of Jello needed

Some people will think that you simply go to the store and buy a few boxes of Jello and that's it. The truth of the matter is that there is a lot more to this than just a few boxes as you have to make sure that you have the right consistency to the Jello. This can be a bit troublesome as if it is not thick enough, you will just be in water that is slightly colored. If it is too thick, it will be tough for you to move around in the pool. FunJell takes all the calculation out of the jello party, simply add to water till the desired thickness is achieved.

Naturally the less Jello that you need will depend on the exact size of the pool and how much water that you are using in the pool. The larger the pool, well you get the idea. You also will need to look at the flavor of the Jello that you will want to use. One of the standard flavors is that of lime followed by cherry and orange. The calculations will need to be exact and you will want to use Jello that is safe and all natural. Some of the types on the market tend to have ingredients that are not natural and could be an issue for you and the others that will be wrestling in the pool.

Finding a Supplier

Finding a supplier of the Jello for your Jello wrestling party. Not all suppliers will be suitable as you will want to ensure that the Jello that they are going to provide to you is 100% safe and all natural. Look at the reviews that the company has and make sure that you are getting exactly what you are needing for your Jello wrestling party.

To make Jello for Jello wrestling, you will need to put the water in the pool first and name sure that you leave some room at the top of the pool. It is also a good idea that you add the Jello a little at a time to make sure that you are keeping the consistency of the Jello at the same level that you are seeking out. A little at a time will make sure that you are not over doing it and ending up with thick Jello that is hard to navigate through. This needs to be remembered when you go to make Jello for Jello wrestling

Party Games

There are also a large number of party games that you can take part in as well. These can be great for those kids that are attending the party. Kids love Jello and adding it to a pool is just an added bonus for the kids. These games are easy to set up and play and will keep the kids entertained for a long time.

After you have filled the pool, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the rules that are associated with Jello wrestling. The whole idea is to have fun and by everyone following these rules, that can be ensured as to make sure no one gets hurt while wrestling in the Jello.


No choking, hair pulling, hitting or any other action that would cause harm to the other person, once a person has been pinned, then there will be another fall and the first one to get two falls will be the winner. Many times, the rounds will last around a minute and consist of three rounds. If no one has got a fall after three rounds, then the match is declared a no contest.


Jello wrestling is one of the best activities that you can have at a party. It is simply a matter of taking the depth, width of the pool and the amount of water in the pool that will determine what you need in regards to the amount of Jello. Once the party is over, you will need to make sure that you take care as to make sure you drain the pool of the Jello and dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner.