How to make a Jello Pool

Backyard Jello Wrestling

We take a strict "more fun" policy on our products. This of course meaning less hassle, less clean up, and more fun! No longer does jello wrestling need to be such a pain to prepare for.
Whereas before it took multiple hours boiling water and deciding what to throw out so you can refrigerate it all. With FunJell the only steps are adding water and stirring. With our jello calculator tool we can help you calculate exactly how much you need. And now you dont have to buy a jello pool for a one time use. Spend less time preparing and more time bonding.

Jello wrestling is the perfect party event! Whether it be for fund raisers, bachelor parties or Spring Break even, jello pools are guaranteed to spice things up. To gather crowds for fundraisers, nothing beats the fun and excitement of a jello wrestling party. Jello pits provide hilarious entertainment for both spectators and participants, and is a spectacle that once experienced will never be forgotten.

Pool / Ring Setup
Are you planning to have the ultimate jello wrestling event or party and you want a wrestling ring that is larger than your average kiddie pool or you just can’t locate one?
You can easily build a jello wrestling ring with these simple instructions:

What you will need:
14 Bags of mulch
A waterproof tarp 15 x 24

Place 4 bags of unopened mulch on each side and 3 bags of unopened mulch across the top & bottom forming a rectangle.
Put the tarp over the bags of mulch and pour the FunJell into the center.

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