Wrestling Jello Jelly

jello wrestling jelly

Fun Jell is the Original Jello Wrestling product. You can find it on on our Jello Wrestling store or on Amazon or Ebay. Your have to give Wrestling Jello Jelly a try at your next backyard party!  IFf you’ve never done this before, don’t be shy. It’s quick, cheap, easy to clean up and a ton of fun! It all starts with a jello pool. We truly do suggest a larger pool. Jello wrestling competitions tend to be one on one so there really only needs to be room for two in the jello pool. However, wrestling is way more fun when you can tag in a partner or pull additional entertainers into the ring. Jello wrestling can often include music,  choreography, theatrics, and surprises; much like real wrestling. Don’t be afraid to let loose!

Traditional Wrestling Jello turns to watered down Jelly right before your eyes… but Fun Jell lasts for hours of good, clean, exciting fun! For the best experience possible, browse our jello wrestling blog for new and innovative ways to enjoy the Original Jello Wrestling product. If you have further questions about FunJell call us at 800-959-5665 or contact the Jello Wrestling professionals today!

Have some fun with Wrestling Jello Jelly: Fun Jell is a big hit at fundraisers! There are many games and challenges you can set up around a tub filled with Jello. The competition from tug of war can intesnify greatly is the stakes are raised with the threat of humiliation by jello. Everyone knows that if you want the best event ever, you can’t be ordinary. Think outside the box, innovate to surprise and amaze your audience. To go beyond ordinary, everyday parties, introduce some Wrestling Jello! Fun Jell is the only choice when the success of your event matters the most! Buy Wrestling Jello Jelly today and let your Jello Wrestling fun begin!

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